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Kujichagulia Press, LLC is a Black-owned family business located in Baltimore, MD. We produce books and educational materials that help Black children and families learn about our rich cultural legacy. Our books and educational materials are intended to uplift Black People and address problems and issues pertinent to our people. 


As a family, we decided to name the business Kujichagulia (meaning self-determination; pronounced Koo-JEE-cha-goo-LEE-ah) to represent our desire and quest to define, speak, and create for ourselves using our knowledge, gifts, talents, skills and resources.


As a company, we have taken a special interest in children’s books because we believe that our children are the key to our collective liberation and upliftment as a people. We believe that our children should read and explore books and educational materials with positive images that look like them and their families and connect them to our cultural heritage in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Diaspora. It is our hope and desire that our books and educational materials will spur families to take ownership of our African legacy as they address problems and issues plaguing Black people worldwide.


We are raising our children to love, honor and respect our cultural heritage. We want them to know the importance of using their knowledge, skills, gifts, talents and resources toward the upliftment and liberation of Black people. We are preparing our children to make a contribution towards the upliftment and liberation of Black people. We created Kujichagulia Press, LLC to aid in that effort.

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