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Family Afrika










We live in Baltimore, Maryland and believe in the importance of Black families and children connecting, honoring and respecting our cultural heritage and traditions in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean, and the Diaspora. As a family, we work hard to learn about our cultural heritage and traditions. We practice the Nguzo Saba (The 7 Principles of Blackness) in our everyday lives and give back to our community.


Baba   Sekou


Baba Sekou (Julius Davis) was given and accepted the Afrikan name: Sabra Sekou Yao Afrika. Baba Sekou is a father, husband, scholar, researcher, educator, author and speaker committed to the upliftment and liberation of people of African descent. Being a good father and husband is one of the most important things to him.


He is an associate professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Professional Development in the College of Education at Bowie State University. His research focus is on Black children's intellectual and social development, with an emphasis on Black males. He has professional, teaching and leadership experiences in public schools, non-profit organizations, universities, mathematics education, educational leadership and teacher preparation programs.


He has spoken at numerous international, national, state and local conferences as a keynote speaker, presenter and panelist. He has written journal articles, book chapters and other types of publications that have appeared in international, national and local outlets focused on Black students and teachers, race, racism, culturally relevant pedagogy and African-centered education.


Baba Sekou holds a doctorate in mathematics education from Morgan State University and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from Lincoln University. He has also studied at the University of the Virgin Islands in their global leadership program. He has studied and traveled to the African countries of Malawi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Cameroon to learn more about our cultural heritage and traditions. 


Monkoum Tchie 


Monkoum Tchie Afrika is a mother and wife committed to Black children. Being a wife and mother to her children and the village of Black children is very important to her. She has a passion for ensuring that Black children learn about our cultural heritage and traditions in Africa, the Americas, the Caribbean and the Diaspora.


She is an author, works as a clinical research professional, and also spends time working to uplift Black children. Monkoum Tchie attended Suffolk University and has studied and traveled to the African countries of Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, Cameroon and the Caribbean Islands to learn more about our cultural heritage and traditions.


Monkoum Tchie and Baba Sekou have four children: Sekou, HakikaHaki and Kamau.





Sekou  Afrika

Sekou Afrika (also known as Sekou Davis) is a student at Ujamaa Shule, in Washington, DC. Ujamaa is the oldest independent Afrikan centered school in the United States. He plays the Afrikan drums with his brothers and sisters at Ujamaa. To start his formal school-based academic and social development, Sekou attended Watoto Development Center in Baltimore, MD, an Afrikan-centered institution.

The  Twins!


The twins, Hakika and Haki are the newest additions to the family. Be on the lookout for children’s books inspired by them.

Family Afrika

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